What Is a Dental Implant?

If you are missing a tooth, you have a few different options. A dental implant is one way to deal with a missing tooth, and dental implants have so many benefits over other options. But what exactly is a dental implant?

How do dental implants replace teeth?

If you are missing teeth, it is important for your oral health that you do something to replace them. An empty space where a tooth should be gives your other teeth the chance to move around, which can cause problems with your teeth and, eventually, pain in your jaw.

If you and your dentist decide that a dental implant is right for you, the process begins with your dentist surgically placing a titanium post into your jawbone. The bone and the post fuse together (which can take a few months), and the post can then act as the “roots” of your new tooth. When the post and bone have fused, an abutment is placed on the post, and then the crown (your new tooth) is placed on the abutment.

Dental implants are a great option to replace a tooth. They are very natural looking, and no one will even be able to tell you have one. They also feel very natural, and they are easy to take care of – you simply brush and floss as you would your natural teeth. Dental implants can also help to keep your jawbone healthy.

You may be concerned about the pain involved in the placement of the post; most patients report that this part of the procedure is less painful than having a tooth extracted. You might feel some discomfort for a few days after the procedure, but over-the-counter pain medication is usually enough to help. After the procedure, you should make sure to rest and relax, eat soft foods, and use icepacks on your cheek to help with any discomfort.

Yet another benefit of dental implants is the beautiful smile you’ll have and the confidence that comes with it! If you are interested in dental implants, contact Avenue Dental for a consultation. Call the office in Ypsilanti, Michigan, at (734) 484-4710, today!